Streets was a three issue crime fiction series with fully painted art. Originally published by DC Comics in 1993. We’re presently looking into collecting it as a trade. TBD

Each story concerned a normal person who was pulled into a life of crime. The stories were all tangentially linked.

Book 1 – “Tenderloin” In the tradition of classic hard-boiled crime tales comes STREETS, a trilogy of sophisticated suspense stories that offers a gritty look at the dark underbelly of society. Each issue of this 3-book miniseries is a complete crime novel, all sharing the same San Francisco setting. In addition, certain characters with a small role in one novel take center stage in the next, providing a sense of continuity throughout the series. In Book 1, homicide detective Nick Darrow, haunted by a broken marriage and his past alcoholism, is driven against the will of the public and his department to solve a series of slayings of young prostitutes. When he convinces a trainee to go undercover to aid the investigation, something more deadly and far-reaching rises to threaten the detectives. Written by James D. Hudnall, with painted art and cover by John Estes. Prestige Format.

Book 2 – “Procurement” Con artist Eric Foster’s elaborate plan to scam a pornography-obsessed millionaire backfires when the mob levers itself into the deal. Written by James D. Hudnall, with painted art and cover by Robert Ortaleza. Prestige Format.

Book 3 – “Paper Rain” Security guard Jennifer Madsen thought she had escaped a life of crime and prostitution until she learns that her live-in boyfriend has set her up to take the fall for a crime he committed. Her life disintegrating, Jennifer draws upon old skills and instincts in a deadly quest for revenge as she pursues her scheming boyfriend to a murderous confrontation in Los Angeles. Written by James D. Hudnall, with painted art and cover by John McCrea.