Harsh Realm

Dexter Green is a private eye who's hired by a grieving family to find their lost teenage son. Here's the twist: the story takes place in the future, where a company has created artificial pocket universes. Real worlds created to be like game worlds, except you can go into them and actually obtain special abilities and powers there. Some people go into these worlds and get killed. Some go in and decide to stay there. The family wants to know what happened to their son.

What Dexter finds when he enters the game world is far more bizarre and challenging than any adventure he had on earth.

Originally a series of comics published by Harris Comics in the early 1990s, it was later turned into a very short-lived TV series on Fox produced by Chris Carter. All 9 episodes are 미국온라인 카지노available on DVD.

The comic was collected in 1999 as a trade paperback.