Comic Con is Coming

Next week the San Diego Comic-Con International will take place at the convention center by the bay. I will be there Thursday thru Sunday. The best place to look for me is probably in the 1900 row, around booth 1901 where I will help promote the new Graphic Novel The Healing, which I have a story in. You can pick up a con exclusive preview copy there. If I am not at the booth when you come by, I will be back around later. That is where I will hang out mostly. I also will be at the Ultraverse 25th Anniversary panel. As one of the founders, I will definitely be making an appearance.

Space Construction: Soon to be an industry

I grew up during the Space Age when e expected moon cities and space stations. But as time went on politics made it clear governments were not up to the task. They had a hard enough time dealing with issues on Earth. So we waited for commercial companies to take up the slack and in recent years, they are. New companies are springing up all the time and many, like Space X have made vast improvements to the technology of launchers and spacecraft. The Gateway Foundation is another company dedicated to building a space station similar to the one in 2001: A Space Oddysey. Check out these videos on what they plan to do.

Ancient Greece in 18 Minutes

I love this series of short history lessons. This one is narrated by Brian Cox, a familiar character actor who was the original Hannibal Lecter.

This one on Rome is also great.

미국온라인 카지노President Luthor

DC finally republished my Lex Luthor: The Unauthorized Biography in a collection of Luthor Stories called President Luthor. My story is in the back. It looks great. Eduardo Barretto was a great artist. It was our only collaboration.

The cover is also the cover of my original comic by Adam Kubert.

You can but it on Amazon here.

The Freedom Forge

I’ve been working on a project for a short while and it’s grown into something really big. A website for people who want to escape the oppressive culture dominating the media and do it their way. Too many media companies work in lockstep with a progressive agenda which denies individuality and denigrates our culture. It’s negative and in many respects, soul destroying.

There’s a good reason why all forms of media are suffering. People are sick of this toxic culture. They yearn for a positive worldview again. They yearn for classic values.

That’s where the Freedom Forge comes in. The Freedom Forge is a website that promotes the work of creators who care a desire to get the culture back on track. Many of these creators are out of favor with the big companies because they won’t kowtow to the gatekeepers and fellow minders. It’s a haven of sorts for free thinkers and outsiders who want to do it the way they want to, not the way the collectivist bullies and the SJW scolds tell them to.

We already have over 70 creative minds involve and more are interested in participating. The site is also welcome to fans and others who want to discuss things and support the work.

It’s not about tearing things down. It’s about rebuilding and growing. The toxic culture has been destroying everything we love. It’s been poisoning film, TV, comics, games, music. We want to reverse all that by showing a better way.

We encourage people from all entertainment industries to join us and take the culture back.

Sign up at our website which will be launching soon.

See you there!