New Agenda Merch

I am hopefully launching my Agenda Campaign tonite. Here is the first of what I hope to be several merchandise options. You can also buy them directly from the online store. This is of the Insurgent, one of six main characters in the story.

Hudcast #1: Roland Mann and New Comics

I know I’ve been talking about doing vlogs before but now I have the equipment I need and projects to promote. I also want to do regular streams with people as well as my own videos on things that interest me. This one was more of an experiment. I was trying to figure out the streaming process. I think I know what to do now but this one you can only see me talking. You can hear Roland once I get him on. Sorry about that but people seemed to enjoy the talk.

Roland Mann is a writer, teacher and former Ultraverse editor. Great guy and friend.

I will try to do a video on my new comic Agenda this weekend. I already have some logos for intros made.

미국온라인 카지노RIP: Edna Reynolds

My mother, Edna Reynolds, just passed last night. It was unexpected. I was supposed to see her today but I got a call from my sister that she had a sudden heart attack in the hospital. She was 80 years old. I expected her to live longer than that. She was getting noticeably old but she was still mentally agile and while she had some problems walking unassisted, she still drove herself around town. You never know when you will lose people in your life, so try not to take them for granted.

Edna was born in San Diego, a town that she loved, but when her mother divorced my grandfather, she moved to the family ranch in Sebastopol, Ca. A town I would later live in for a while, myself. She grew up in Sonoma County where she met my dad. They had me but later divorced. I lived with her and I credit her with a lot of my personality. She was a very nice person and was not abusive or hard to deal with. She was very supportive. I consider myself lucky. I know not everyone has it that easy.

When she divorced my dad we moved to San Diego where her father lived. He owned an apartment complex in South Park, near downtown. It’s still there. We lived in various places like Little Italy and Ocean Beach. Eventually, we moved to South Park where she met my stepdad and got married. He was in the Navy so we traveled around. The first place we moved to was Oahu, Hawaii. I went to Pearl Harbor elementary.

She became my cub scout mom then. She took our troop to all these cool places around Oahu. When I was an adult we would often have lunch around San Diego, places she wanted to try. I enjoyed her company. She was someone I liked being around. She never nagged me or told me how to behave after I grew up. When I was a kid I think she was reasonably stern when it was needed, but I wasn’t that much trouble as a child. I was the oldest in the family so as the big brother I tried to set an example.

Every San Diego Con I attended, I would send a few days after with her and my sisters. She and my brother Mike would often have lunch in the Gaslamp all through the 2000s and up till around 2014. Here’s my mom at brother in 2005 at The Field, downtown.

She was a dreamer in some ways, and I got a lot of that from her. Many of the things she wanted to do didn’t pan out, but I think she was happy in the end. I feel blessed to have had her as my mother. Thanks for listening.

미국온라인 카지노Hudcasts start today!

I’ve been wanting to do regular youtube video channel streams for a while now and finally decided to start since I have new books to talk about and people I want to interview.

Today will be my first show. I am interviewing Zach from Comics and Diversity about Comicsgate and his channel. Should be a fascinating stream. Zach has been vilified by some and seen as a champion of free speech to others. I want to hear what it has to say about it all.

I have more interesting interviews in the future and I am lining up more as we go. I will also be talking to other people on everything from the craft of creating comics, to filmmakers and others.

Come and join my chats. Subscribe to epser999 on youtube and click the bell for notifications. They will be archived if you miss any.

UPDATE: Argh. Zach had to bail due to an emergency and I have had problems getting the stream to start. I will have to reschedule. I will try sometime tomorrow or tonight once I figure out how to make this work. Sorry!

Age of Heroes in Color

We’re getting closer to finally releasing the Age of Heroes in color. Here’s the latest page John sent me.
I am writing a sixth issue for him so we can complete the first trade.
We’ll be announcing the project in the near future.

Agenda! is coming

I am working on many projects right now. Some I have been developing for over a year. One of the first I plan to release is Agenda! a project I have been wanting to do for some time.
This is the cover. Expect to hear publishing news and more details in the near future.

New Age of Heroes Page

Today I was greeted with this page from John Ridgway, who is working to color all the Age of Heroes pages for a planned collection. This is a new page for issue 2 which will help even out the number of pages. I am working on a script for a sixth issue which will fill out the first book.

I’m very excited to get this page. We will be announcing more on the planned book in the near future.

Computers NASA used vs the IPhone

A question people today might have is how did we get to space with such primitive computers. Today’s smartphones are more powerful than Super Computers of the past. Here’s a great YouTuber who explains it. I recommend his channel, he does great work.