Hudnall Ancestors

This is my great-great grandfather, his kids including my great grandfather Horace Hudnall back in the 1800s.

Tea Party 2009

I attended a Tea Party event in 2009 to see what it was all about. Unlike many of the critics of the Tea Party, I’ve actually been to one and talked to the people. Sorry, didn’t see any racists there. One of the speakers was black and the crowd was diverse.

Eisners 2010

I had the pleasure of meeting Laurie Standell and Carol Tyler at the Eisner Awards in 2010. They are two great comics talents who were both nominated that year.

Eric Shanower Party

Artist Eric Shanower’s Christmas 2010 party. Here’s me talking to Eric and a friend of his. Photo by Batton Lash.

Malibu 1993

Actor Gary Daniels who played Hardcase in a short film, editor Chris Ulm and myself from 1993. This was short during a break in the filming of the Hardcase movie.

Psychic, Gun and Sickle Tour

Brian Bendis, David Mack, Greg Horn, James Hudnall and Lee Hester who was hosting our tour that day at his store in San Mateo, California.

Madrid Convention 1999

Brian Bendis and I attended a convention in Madrid, Spain with a bunch of other comics pros, seen here. Brian was taking the picture so he wasn’t in it.